Understanding and Using Projects

Projects are an optional way to organize your Time Doctor tasks. Once you add projects to your Time Doctor account, you and your employees will be able to select a project for each task that is worked on.

One project can contain many tasks, but each task can only be part of one project.

What should I use projects for?
You may want to use projects to represent:

a) Actual projects that are being worked on
b) Areas of your business
c) Departments
d) Different businesses
e) Your clients
f) Anything else you can think of

Adding and Editing Projects

Who can add or edit projects?
By default, only administrators are able to add or edit projects. Administrators can use their Company Settings page to give managers the ability to add or edit projects as well. When a manager is given the ability to add or edit projects, that manager will have full access to the Projects Settings page. They will be able to view and edit all users and projects on the Projects Settings page including users who they do not manage and projects that they are not a part of themselves. Click here to learn more about user access levels.

You can add new projects from:

  • the Projects and Permanent Tasks page.
  • through the desktop app when adding a new task.

You can only edit existing projects on the Projects and Permanent Tasks page. The aspects of projects that you can edit are:

  • The project name
  • The users who have access to the project (i.e. whether they can add project tasks and track on the project)
  • Whether the project is active or archived
  • Permanent tasks

Projects and Permanent Tasks
If you want to use permanent tasks in Time Doctor, you will need to set up projects. You can learn more about permanent tasks here.

How can you require a project for every task?
By default, users are able to add tasks to Time Doctor without any associated project. On their Company Settings page, administrators can require users to select a project for every task.

Default Project Settings For New Users
You can choose which projects new users will have default access to when added to your Time Doctor account. This will keep you from having to remember to adjust your projects separately for each new user that you add to your account. You can choose the default projects from your Company Settings page.

Projects from Integrations
If you have integrated your Time Doctor account with any other software (Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, etc.), you will see the integrated projects from the other software on your Projects and Permanent Tasks page. The projects from integrations will be listed in a separate section of the page below your Time Doctor projects. To avoid conflicts, projects from integrations cannot be added, edited, or removed through the Time Doctor interface. They can only be added, edited, or removed from the integrated software itself.