Using Permanent Tasks in Time Doctor

What are permanent tasks?

There are three types of tasks in Time Doctor.

1. Regular tasks are created by each user themselves directly in the Time Doctor desktop and mobile apps.

2. Integrated tasks are created in third-party applications and synced to Time Doctor by activating one of Time Doctor's integrations (Trello, Basecamp, etc.). The full list of integrations can be found here.

3. Permanent tasks are created by administrators on a per-project basis. Each permanent task can be worked on by anyone who has access to the project containing the permanent task.

How to Create Permanent Tasks

Administrators can create permanent tasks from the Projects Settings page.

NOTE: If you do not see a Projects and Permanent Tasks menu, please make sure that this module is enabled by going to Settings > Company Settings.

You can learn more about projects here.

Managers can also create permanent tasks if they have been given access to the Projects Settings page. Administrators can give managers access to the Projects Settings page on the Company Settings page.

How Permanent Tasks Work

Permanent tasks will appear in the Time Doctor desktop and mobile applications for any user who has been given access to the projects containing the permanent tasks. This screenshot will give you a comparison of how permanent tasks look in the Time Doctor desktop app versus regular tasks, which can be marked as completed:

Permanent tasks will have an infinity icon. Permanent tasks cannot be marked complete by the user so they will remain in the user's desktop/mobile applications until an administrator either removes the permanent tasks from the project or removes the user from the project.

How to Have Your Employees Use Only Permanent Tasks (Not Regular Tasks)

If you only want your employees to use the permanent tasks that you have created and do not want them to create their own tasks, you can configure that from your Manage Users page.

If you choose to allow users to use only permanent tasks, it is important that you make sure that they have access to the projects that contain permanent tasks, otherwise, those users will not be able to track their work.

If you allow only permanent tasks, the user(s) will still be able to track time for any integrated tasks, but they will not be able to add their own regular tasks.

In case you want to delete permanent tasks, you will need to do it from Web Dashboard -> Projects and Permanent Tasks page. These tasks unlike the regular tasks can't be deleted from the desktop application.