Reporting a Bug in the Time Doctor Desktop Software

If you have a technical problem with the Time Doctor desktop software, please include this information when emailing us at

1. Your operating system type and version number (e.g. Windows 10 or Mac OS Yosemite)

2. Your Time Doctor version number (Click here to see where this information can be found.)

3. A detailed description of the problem including screenshots and videos (if possible). If you need software to capture screen images or videos, we recommend Jing.

4. Is the problem reproducible or was it a one-time event?

5. Send us your local cache files within 8 hours of the problem occurring, or as soon as possible. (Read these articles for instructions for locating the local cache files for Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu/Linux.)

Having all of this information will help us solve your problem quickly, though depending on the type of problem you have, it may not all be necessary.