An Overview of Projects Reports

If you are not yet familiar with how Time Doctor Projects work, you may want to begin by reading our project overview.

The Projects Report is a very helpful way for a company to review how much time is being spent on a given project and by whom. The Projects Report has an adjustable date range and can be set to an expanded view so that the dates worked are shown. The report can be exported in .CSV, .XLS or .PDF format.

NOTE: Not all versions of the report are available in .PDF format.

To access the Projects Report page, on the Time Doctor web dashboard, go to Reports > Projects.

1. First, select one or more users in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

2. Then, select which projects (if any) you would like to appear in the report. You may also view time that was not assigned to any project.

3. Select the date range or create a custom date range for the report.

4. (Optional) You can print the report directly from without saving or you can export in .CSV, .XLS, or .PDF format.

If you click on Collapse All, the report will display a condensed version with the total time spent by each person on each project while the day-by-day breakdown and task details are hidden. Expand All reveals the dates and time spent each day. You can also expand or collapse individual users and individual tasks by clicking on the text for that user or task.