Missing Tracked Time for New Users of Time Doctor

The most likely cause of missing time is that the time you have logged is under a different company account. There is no need to worry, all of your tracked time is still available for your records, but if you wish to transfer that tracked time to the proper company’s account, you will have to add it as manual time.

This support article will explain what most likely happened and how to resolve the issue.

What May Have Happened:

When you visit the Time Doctor website and sign up without using an invitation link, you are creating your own company account. Even if the only person who ever uses that account is you, it is still considered a separate company account. For example, if your name is Mark, you will see that you are tracking time under "Mark's Company” as the default name applied to new accounts uses creator's first name.

If an employer sends you an invitation to track time for their company, you will now have the option to record time either for them or for yourself. Many users are not aware that this selection is necessary. To make sure you are logging time for the correct company, see the company selection when you click on your logo / name of your Time Doctor application, as shown below. 

You can see the highlighted link in the following screenshots. In that drop-down menu, you will find all the companies that you have been invited to.

NOTE: You do not need to create your own Time Doctor company account in order to use Time Doctor for another company. If your employer sends you an invitation, all you need to do is click on that link and set up your account through that link.

If you do accidentally create your own personal account, you can delete it, ignore it, or use it to do freelancing work on the side. Be aware that as long as your personal account is still active, you will receive separate email notifications for that account, including notifications about your trial period ending. Be sure you do not pay for access to a personal company account that you never intend to use. If you ONLY ever work for your employer and do not need your own personal Time Doctor account, you do not need to pay anything. Your employer is already paying for you to be added to their company account as a user.

How to Recover Your Lost Time:

From the Time Doctor web dashboard, click on the company name in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Look through all available companies for the time you tracked. Once you find it, export the data using the various Time Doctor reports. You can then enter this time as manual time under the proper company login.

To add manual time, on the Time Doctor web dashboard go to the Edit Time page. You can enter your manual time there. Please make sure that you are on the correct company account when you do so.