How long your data is stored?

Here at Time Doctor, we care a lot about the safety of your data. We also do regular backups to make sure nothing is lost. Below, is the information on how long do we store your data before sending it to a backup and "cold storage".

 Tracked time (work logs) is stored on the active server for 1 year. This means that you can get (view/download) your users' reports on your Dashboard for the interval of 1 year.

 Screenshots are stored on the active server for 6 months. After that period we send them to our "cold storage" where they safely kept until you ask us to cancel and/or delete your account.

 We also suggest downloading your screenshots to your local computer for you to have your own backup.

 If in any case, you will need to restore your archived data we will be glad to do that for you.

 This will include a fee that can be discussed with our support team.