How much data does Time Doctor use in a day?

The Time Doctor desktop app is estimated to use an average of 25-40 MB on a typical 8-10 hour day. Your data usage will be higher if screenshots are enabled. The higher the frequency of screenshots, the higher the data usage.

There is a minuscule amount of data consumed by transferring tracked time data. We recommend a minimum upload bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps for best performance.

The most important factor affecting bandwidth usage by far is screenshots. In particular:

1. Are screenshots active?
If you turn your screenshots off, your data usage will go way down. You can turn off screenshots for users from your Manage Users page.

2. How frequently are screenshots being taken?
If you increase the time gap between screenshots, your data usage will also go down quite a bit. You can do that from your Company Settings page.

3. How many monitors are connected to the computer that is tracking time?
Two monitors will result in twice as many screenshots and thus require twice as much bandwidth to send.

4. How does monitor resolution affect data use?
An ultra-high resolution monitor will create screenshots that take up more space and thus require more bandwidth to send.

There are several third-party tools available that will let you see firsthand how much data is being used by Time Doctor. One such tool can be found here.

NOTE: We do not provide support for third-party tools.