Time Doctor Billing Policies

At Time Doctor, all accounts are given an initial 14 days of free access. At the end of these 14 days, a payment method must be added to the billing page in order to continue to access all of Time Doctor's features.

We bill in advance. That means that the payment you make is for the 30 days that follow your billing due date.

If you miss your payment due date (because of, for example, a declined charge on your chosen payment method), you will have a seven-day grace period in which to update your billing method or to contact support to re-authorize a new charge on your account. After that seven-day grace period is over, your account will be suspended and you will lose access to the Time Doctor web dashboard, but all of your data will remain on our servers. Your staff can continue tracking time even when your account is in suspended status.

Should you need more than seven days to get your billing issues in order, please contact our support team to request an extension. Please note that late payments made after your billing due date do not alter your due date. Regardless of when you pay, your billing cycle remains the same.

See this page for more information about Time Doctor's pricing plans.

Please let us know within 30 days of paying your bill if you are not pleased with our service for any reason. We would be happy to offer you a refund or look into the issues you are having.