How to integrate Bitrix24 with Time Doctor

Bitrix24 Integration capabilities:

  • When creating a task in Bitrix24 a similar task is created in Time Doctor. A user must have the same e-mail address in Bitrix24 and in Time Doctor. If such user is not found, the task will not be sent to Time Doctor.
  • When adding a task to group Bitrix24, a project with the same name will be created in
    Time Doctor. All tasks in the group come in the appropriate project. If the task has no group, a default project will be created (set in the application settings).
  • When moving a task into/from the group in Bitrix24, the similar manipulations will be carried out in Time Doctor.
  • When a task is completed in Bitrix 24, the task changes to inactive status in Time Doctor.
  • When deleting a task in Bitrix24, the corresponding task in Time Doctor becomes inactive.
  • At certain time intervals (once every 15 minutes), a call will be made to Time Doctor to obtain time logs.
    The resulting time will be set as spent on each task in Bitrix24 to the corresponding user.

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How to set up your integration:

Please note that your Time Doctor email should match Bitrix24 email for successful integration.

  1. Install application from Bitrix24 marketplace.
  2. Login into (You have to be Time Doctor account owner or Administrator) and create new integration.
    Name your integration and enter your company name. Enter the following URL the Redirect URL field: - an address of your Bitrix24 portal without https://, for example:

  3. Click Save these changes and obtain Client ID and Secret Key:

  4. Next, please go to your Bitrix24 Portal and enter Client ID, Secret Key and Default Project name for newly created integration:

  5. After saving the settings, you need to complete the integration on the Time Doctor application settings page. Please click the Preview authorization dialog and confirm access.

  6. Now, you need to give a link to activate the integration application to all your Time Doctor users who will use the integration. On the Time Doctor application setup page, we push a right key on the Preview authorization dialog and copy the link.

    All users, who clicked the link, need to perform actions outlined in step 4.

  7. Setup is completed. If everything is done correctly in the application, you will see the icon as in the image. All tasks created in Bitrix24 will be included in it.

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