How to Integrate Wrike with Time Doctor

Here you will learn how to link your Time Doctor company account to your Wrike account so tasks will appear in your Time Doctor desktop application. Before you begin, you will naturally need a Wrike account and a Time Doctor account.

Users and Managers will need to wait for their company owner or administrator to enable the integration at the company level first. But after that is done, they can skip steps 1-6 (which are for admins or owners only) and users and managers can go straight to step 7.

1.) For company owners or admins: To enable a Wrike integration, the company owner or admin will need to enable it for whole company on the company's integration page. The company owner or admin can get there from the main Time Doctor web dashboard by clicking on Settings > Company Integrations:

2.) Scroll down to find Wrike in the Integrations list and click the ON/OFF switch:

3.) On the next page, you'll see a link to turn on the integration. Click on it

4.) Enter your Wrike email address and password to log in:

5.) On the next screen click on Accept to grant permissions necessary for the integration:

6.) You will be presented with this success screen when the process is complete:Your personal Wrike integration is now active for your account, so you may log out and log back in to your Time Doctor desktop application in order to begin syncing tasks from Wrike to Time Doctor. Remember, you'll need to assign the tasks to you in Wrike for them to appear it Time Doctor. Refer to this support document for more information on the process of syncing tasks. In order for the rest of your team to use the Wrike integration, they'll need to activate it for their own individual accounts by following steps 7 through 11 below.

7.) Users or Managers will need to also log into their respective Time Doctor accounts and activate the integration for themselves. Click on Settings > Integration Settings:

8.) You will see the Wrike integration listed at the very top of your integration page along with any other integrations available for your company. Click on the ON/OFF button as seen in step 2 above.

9.) If you are not logged in to Wrike, you'll be asked to log in as seen in step 4 above. Log in with your credentials.

10.) Then, as show in the image for step 5 above, you'll be asked to allow permissions for the Time Doctor integration. Upon completion you'll see this:11.) All done! You can now log out and log back in to the Time Doctor desktop application to sync your tasks and begin tracking time.