How to integrate WorkflowMax with Time Doctor

Follow this article to set up your Time Doctor - WorkflowMax Integration.

*Note: You will need a WorkflowMax account before you can integrate this service with your Time Doctor account. If you don't have one yet, please create one by visiting WorkflowMax account must be registered with the same email address as your Time Doctor account for integration to work properly.

Here’s how to get started integrating WorkflowMax with Time Doctor:

To integrate WorkflowMax with Time Doctor, the administrator or company owner should initially set up the integration from their Company Integration Settings page.

1.) Navigate to the Settings menu.

2.) Click on Integration Settings

3.) Once redirected to the Integration Settings page, click on WorkflowMax Integration Settings”:

4.) Enter your WorkflowMax API Key and Account Key. (To get the key values associated with your WorkflowMax account, send an email request to

5.) You will also be given the option to synchronize all tasks regardless of chronology, or you can limit them by scheduled status. When finished, click the Save button.

6.) If you chose to only sync scheduled tasks into Time Doctor, then the only Workflowmax tasks that will sync are those that have been properly flagged as "Scheduled Task?" from within the Workflowmax system. You will need to navigate to a Job, scroll down to edit or add a Task, click the checkbox, and be sure to choose start and due dates that fall within the range defined in Time Doctor by step #5 above:

A confirmation message will show up after a successful integration. You can then click on the “Users Integration Page” link if you want to view the status of your integration settings: Here’s how each team member can activate their own Workflowmax integration

1.) Navigate to the Settings menu.

2.) Click on Integration Settings:

3.) Click the “ON/OFF” button on the right to activate WorkflowMax integration:

*Note: In order to deactivate, just toggle the button again.

Follow these instructions to view the Teamwork integration within the Time Doctor desktop software.

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