Unable to Start Time Doctor After Ubuntu Installation

Here are some common solutions to fix your Time Doctor installation in Ubuntu if the program does not start after installation.

NOTE: Before installing, make sure you do not run the setup for Time Doctor, Time Doctor Lite, or Time Doctor Pro with root privileges i.e. do not use sudo or su command. The user should just download and Time Doctor from the website and run it as usual with no special actions required.

Solution 1: Install the Necessary Libraries.

Please see Installing Libraries and Dependencies on Linux for a complete list of the additional components needed.

1. Open your Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager. Search for libxss1 and click Install.

2. Enter your admin password and wait for the automatic installation to finish.

3. Once the installation is complete, the Install button will be replaced by a Remove button. You will see a green checkmark on the libxss1 icon as shown below:

4. Follow the same process to install libxmu. Please note that libxmu is already pre-installed. Just be sure to update your Ubuntu machine.

If the above did not work, you can also try:

a. Removing the Time Doctor directory from your home directory.

b. Removing the shared directory .local/share/data/TimeDoctor.

c. Reinstalling the application

That is it! You are now ready to start using Time Doctor on your Ubuntu machine!

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