How to integrate Asana with Time Doctor

Follow this article to set up your ASANA Integration.

*Note: You will need an ASANA account before you can integrate this with your Time Doctor account. If you don't have one yet, please create one by logging in to

1.) Log in to your Time Doctor Web Dashboard, click on your company account logo/name on the left panel, navigate to Company Integrations. Enable the Asana integration by clicking on the OFF to ON button to the right:

2.) Log in to your Asana account:

3.) Invite Team Members from Asana (this is option and you may click "Skip this step"):

4.) Select the projects you want to Sync with Time Doctor or you may sync ALL workspaces and projects, click Save once done selecting

5.) Yay! Your integration was successful:

6.) Sync your assigned Asana tasks to your Time Doctor desktop application and start tracking time:

7.) Regular users have to go to Settings - Your integration and enable integration for their Asana accounts.