How to integrate GitHub with Time Doctor

In this article we will walk you through the process of linking your GitHub account to your Time Doctor account so you can easily track time on GitHub issues from within Time Doctor. Do note: Only those issues that have been assigned to you, and are in GitHub repositories also assigned to you, will synchronize to your Time Doctor desktop application.

Before you begin, navigate to the GitHub home page, and create an account if you don't have one already. Also, if another user has logged into GitHub on your current browser session, it is important that they log out completely from the GitHub website so that Time Doctor doesn't sync with their account by accident. It's okay if you are logged into the GitHub account that you do wish to integrate with.

(Regular users or managers can skip to step 5 after their administrator or company owner has enabled the company's integration.)

1.) For company owners or admins: Before individuals in a company can enable the integration, the company owner or admin will need to turn on the integration for the whole company on the company integrations page. The company owner or admin can get there from the main Time Doctor web dashboard by clicking on left menu bar -> Company Integration

2.) On that company integration settings page, find and activate the GitHub integration for the company:

3.) The next screen will let you add a list of repositories to synchronize with Time Doctor. Just leave it blank to sync everything:

4.) Log into your GitHub account on the next page. (Keep in mind, if you are already logged into a GitHub account on your current browser session, this step will be skipped): You will be redirected to an authorization page where you need to inform GitHub that you are giving Time Doctor permission to access your account:

You will be brought back to the Time Doctor integration page where you can verify that the integration is now marked "On". If you are the company owner, you will have your personal integration activated by default. Let your other team members know they can now integrate with Time Doctor, and find more details on seeing tasks in the desktop interface, here.

6.) For users or managers: After the company has authorized the integration, each individual in a company who wishes to use the GitHub integration will then need to navigate to their own personal integration page from the main web dashboard by clicking on left panel > Your Integration, finding the GitHub selection, and turning it to "On":

7.) You will be asked to log in to your account, and verify the integration as seen above in steps 4 and 5. Last of all, simply log into the Time Doctor desktop application following these instructions, and select the GitHub integration to track time on the tasks assigned to you.

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