Installing Time Doctor on your Citrix Server

(These instructions apply for Windows Server 2012 and Citrix XenApp 7.6.)

In a regular non-Citrix installation, the Time Doctor application (either Pro or Lite) is installed normally, locally, on an individual's computer. However, for a Citrix deployment, no end users need to install Time Doctor at all on their own computers. Instead, Time Doctor is loaded into Citrix Studio, and delivered the magical Citrix way to users - only when they need it, without any local installation.

1.) The process for initially installing Time Doctor on a server locally is very much the same as installing it on a regular user's machine. Simply visit our main download page and download the latest public release of Time Doctor. Then install them on your host server machine as normal. Just run the executable file and follow through the installation wizards. We do recommend installing both Pro and Lite so all your users have an interface option to suit their preferences and use case.

2.) After it is installed, you'll need to load it into Citrix for delivery to your various Delivery Groups. You will need Citrix Studio installed on your server. (Click here for a complete walk through of a Citrix trial installation, including the installation of Citrix Studio.) Press the Windows Key, and type "Citrix Studio" to find it, and run it:

3.) Once inside Citrix Studio, click on the Applications Link to the left [1]. Then select Add Applications on the right [2]

4.) Click next to skip the first Introduction message. Then choose the delivery group(s) you'd like this application to be sent to, and click Next:

5.) Look for the add small Add... button [1] which when clicked exposes a drop down menu. Choose the "From start menu..." [2] option:

6.) You will be shown a list of applications currently installed in your local server. Choose Time Doctor Lite and Time Doctor Pro from the list, then click next (they may not be in alphabetical order):

7.) Click Next once more in the Applications section to be brought to the Summary. Review the details, and click Finish:

8.) You can verify the deployment was successful in Citrix Studio. Clicking on the Applications selection to the left [1] and look for Time Doctor Pro and Lite in the list of delivered applications [2]

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