For Clients: The Client Login Feature

If you are a client for a company who uses Time Doctor for productivity, this article will show you how to log in to view the information about the time spent on your project.

If you are a company who uses Time Doctor that would like to set up client logins for your clients, please see this support article.

As a client, you will need three pieces of information from the company who is performing work for you in order to log in:

1. The login URL

2. The email address that the company used for you when creating your client login.

3. The password created by the company

If you do not have all of this information, you will need to contact the company and request it. You may also reference this article in your request.

Once you have all three pieces of information, simply type the URL into the browser of your choosing. You will be brought to this login page:

Log in with the email and password provided. Then you will see this page, where you can view screenshots and time usage breakdowns on a per person or per project basis over the date range you specify: